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Lateral Flow IIR

The innovative food allergen lateral flow kits, which can effectively detect allergen protein in both processed and unprocessed foods, have been developed. The kits are also suitable for production line examination by swab testing. The kits use an innovative new extraction solution to achieve a high recovery of the target allergen protein in both processed and unprocessed foods.

Lateral Flow kit

Product Name More Information Instruction
Egg (Ovalbumin) Lateral Flow IIR
Casein Lateral Flow IIR
Gluten (Gliadin) Lateral Flow IIR
Peanut Lateral Flow IIR
Buckwheat Lateral Flow IIR

Kit Characteristics

Innovative extraction method

Using an innovative extraction solution, the recovery of allergen protein is significantly increased.

Special antibodies

Our antibodies can detect the target allergen protein even after the exposure to extreme processing condition. Accordingly, the kits can apply for the examination of highly processed foods, as well as swab samples collected in various point of food processing.

High sensitivity

The sensitivity of the target allergen food protein is 5 microgram/g food in both unprocessed and processed foods, and 250ng/mL Sample Extract from swab test samples.

High specificity

The specially prepared polyclonal antibody can achieve less cross-reactivity against the various food materials.


15 minutes for lateral flow assay.


No special equipment is required.

Kit Specifications

Principle Lateral flow method
Sensitivity 5 microgram/food
Sample volume 0.2 mL
Number of immunosticks 20 sticks
Sample Extraction 10 minutes
Measuring Time 15 minutes (not including Sample Preparation/Extraction)
*Buckwheat Lateral Flow IIR is 25 minutes
Storage 2 - 8 degree Celsius

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