Heat-treated Bovine Protein

This kit is for qualitative analyzing bovine protein in feed and MBM (meat and bone meal) in feed. Bovine protein, is processed under high temperature (135°C) and pressure, is hardly analyzed quantitatively by usual ELISA, so Morinaga has developed new ELISA suitable to detect bovine MBM.


Product Name Target More Information
Heat-treated Bovine Protein ELISA Kit Bovine protein

Kit Characteristics

High sensitivity

This kit can detect 0.1 % bovine protein in feed and MBM.

High specificity

The specially prepared anti-bovine protein monoclonal antibody achieved the least cross reactivity against the feed ingredients. Namely, our kit shows no reactivity against pork, chicken, and fish proteins as well as milk and gelatin those are commonly supplemented in the feed.

Fast: 140 minutes for ELISA assay

Kit Specifications

Principle Sandwich ELISA
Sensitivity 0.1% Bovine protein
Sample volume 0.1 mL
Mesurable Sample Number 40 samples (Duplicate)
Sample Preparation 30-60 minutes
Measuring Time 140 minutes
Storage 2 - 8 degree Celsius

Other required reagents and instruments

  • Distilled water (or Deionized water)
  • Micropipets/disposable tips ranging 0.01 - 1mL
  • Volumetric cylinders
  • Polypropylene centrifugation tubes
  • Polypropylene test tubes (1 - 2 mL size)
  • Homogenizer/blender
  • Horizontal shaker
  • Vortex mixer
  • Microplate reader covering 450nm, and 610 to 650 nm

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