Acrylamide has been reported its neurotoxicity and presumable carcinogen. Recently acrylamide was proven that it was presented in heat processed foods, such as french fries, coffee, tea, snack, biscuit, chocolates, roasted nuts, bread and cereals as reaction products of asparagine and reducing sugars. Currently acrylamide is examined by instrumental analysis using LC/MS, LC/MS/MS, and GC/MS, but the analysis requires expensive analytical instrument and skilled operator. In order to facilitate sensitive and practical analysis, “Morinaga Acrylamide EIA Kit” using 3-[(2-carbamoylethyl)thio] benzoic acid which is acrylamide homologue has been newly developed.


Product Name Target More Information
Morinaga Acrylamide EIA Kit 3-[(2-carbamoylethyl)thio]
benzoic acid

Kit Characteristics

High recovery

Assay range is 42-5400ppb in food.

High interrelation with GC/MS

The result by Morinaga Acrylamide EIA Kit highly interrelates with that of GC/MS.

Multi samples

Maximum 24 samples are simultaneously analyzed.

Fast analysis

Total 6 hours from sample preparation to ELISA assay, which is much faster than instrumental analysis.

Economical analysis

The cost by Morinaga Acrylamide EIA Kit is usually inexpensive than that of LC/MS, LC/MS/MS, and GC/MS.

Kit Specifications

Principle Indirect competitive ELISA
Assay range 42-5400ppb in food
Sample volume 0.1 mL
Mesurable sample number 24 (Triplicate)
Sample Preparation 240 minutes
Measuring Time 120 minutes
Storage 2 - 8 degree Celsius

Other required reagents and instruments

  • Distilled water (or Deionized water)
  • Homogenizer/blender
  • Volumetric cylinders
  • Balance
  • Polytron homogenizer or mill mixer
  • Polypropylene centrifugation tubes
  • Polypropylene tubes (15 mL size)
  • Centrifuge
  • Disposable syringe (10 mL) with a rubber sealant ( Fig. )
  • Solid phase cartridge (ISOLUTE M-M 500 mg, 3mL, SPE Columns )
  • Micropipets/disposable tips (1000 – 5000μL)
  • Vortex mixer
  • Methanol
  • Microplate reader covering 450nm, and 610 to 650 nm

Fig. Syringe with a rubber sealant

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