Product Info.

Rapid Test Easy

Rapid Test Easy is the simplest food allergen lateral flow kit, which can detect food allergen proteins from the samples such as swab solution and rinse water.

The kit is very suitable to manage allergens for production lines in food industries.

Product line

Product Name Cat. # More Information Instruction
Rapid Test Easy for Egg M2241
Rapid Test Easy for Casein M2242
Rapid Test Easy for Gluten M2243
Rapid Test Easy for Soya M2246

Kit Characteristics


Just 1-step.

The kit is specialized for testing swab and rinse water.


10 minutes reaction time.

Kit Specifications

Principle Lateral flow immunoassay
Sensitivity 0.5 ppm
Sample volume 0.2 mL
Number of immunosticks 10 sticks
Measuring Time 10 minutes
Storage 2 – 8 degree

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