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Food Allergen ELISA KitⅡ

Cat. M2117

Soya ELISA KitⅡ Cat. M2117

Soya ELISA KitⅡ is sandwich enzyme immunoassay for the quantitative determination of soy protein in processed or unprocessed foods.

Our original extraction solution enables target protein to solubilize even though it was insolubilized by food processing.

The extraction solution is identical for all of our ELISA KitⅡ.

An extraction procedure is simple and also the same as all ELISA KitⅡ.


Test Method ELISA
No. wells 96 wells / kit
Limit of detection 0.31 ppm [ µg of soy protein / g of food ]
Limit of quantification 0.31 ppm [ µg of soy protein / g of food ]
Target antigen Beta-conglycinin
Calculated result Soy protein
Range of assay 0.31 - 20 ppm
Total reaction time 1 h 50 min
Storage temperature 2℃ - 8℃

Technical note

- Why does our test kit can detect target proteins from both raw materials and processed foods?

Processed food contains a mix of native and denatured proteins
Technical note
Denatured proteins are insoluble and difficult to be detected by using popular buffer to extract
Technical note
The Morinaga kit detects both native and denatured target proteins, making it ideal for both raw materials and processed foods

Our original extraction buffer enables to solubilize denatured proteins.

It also allows native proteins to be a same conformation.

Technical note

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